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If you had a penny for every time you’ve heard “build your email list,” you could quit your business today. The problem is...

That's where I come in. I take the guess work and stress work out of writing email sequences. All you have to do is schedule them to run. Then enjoy as you start making money in your sleep.

Emails don't write themselves. 

Meg carber,
Nourished + Strong

As a dietitian and private practice owner, I wasn’t aware of the concept or importance of copywriting until a few years into business. I really value Emily’s expertise and efficiency–she takes the time to get to know you and your ideal client to craft a welcome sequence and website copy that resonate and convert. My email open rate has increased, I am getting ‘replies’ to my emails for the first time ever, and the investment I made has more than paid for itself.

"The investment has more than paid for itself..."

Tara Counterman,
Limitless Mamas

Emily articulated SO WELL what I wasn’t able to put into words. I feel like my messaging was confusing and not based out of the market research done by Emily.

"Emily helped me increase the amount I'm able to earn and give back..."


Don't just take it from me

Earning the respect of your audience with legit valuable inbox messages translates to real dollars for you. Better yet? Thanks to automated sequences, a single email can return years and years of benefits.

I began as a social media manager at a time when Instagram was still dominated by its own filters and Pinterest was just a blip on the radar. 

Like so many of you, I thought yes, this is the way of the future—as I gradually moved my way up to working with brands valued in the multi-millions. But, as they say, all that glitters isn’t gold.

I knew first-hand just how exhausting it was to chase algorithms and how shallow many engagement metrics really are. (Double click that!)

This led me to rediscover and rethink email marketing, which is truly so much more than gathering email subscribers with the promise of 10% off their first purchase and a prefab welcome email...  

Let's step back a second...

want to cut to the chase?

Wondering What good is an email sequence without a list? Let's take care of thaT

I know what you’re thinking: “Okay, okay but how?!" Here’s your answer…

Buyers are giving you their full attention when they open your email (unlike when there is a funny cat video if they scroll a bit farther on Facebook)

77% of people prefer email over all other marketing methods

You own your email list—and don’t have to answer to algorithms

Email messages are six (!!) times more likely to be read than Facebook posts

Why email marketing won my heart

Here's the truth: Writing is only a fraction of the process

1. Creative Brief

2. Competitive Analysis

3. Customer Survey

4. Email Storyboard

When I begin working with new clients, the first item of business is actually to make them do some work by completing my 37-question creative brief. This includes questions like:
What are the five words that best encompass your company's identity?
What do you think is your most powerful selling point?
How do you fit into the market relative to competitors?

And so on... 

After receiving the client intel on who they consider to be competitors and/or brands they admire, I go into sleuth mode by signing up for those newsletters. There is so much to learn from what others are successfully offering, how often they send emails and even how much they integrate visuals.

When I work with clients, I get them to pass along contact information for a handful of past customers who may be willing to respond to a survey. Then I reach out with questions about their experience with the brand, what kind of emails they want to receive (e.g. educational, deals, updates, etc.) and even the frequency with which they want correspondence.

My last big step before writing the emails is laying them all out in a storyboard so that the objectives and elements are super intentional. This includes an analysis of the brand mission, unique selling points and audience insights from the survey, which are all used to guide the emails. Then I give an overview of the sequence to explain the purpose of the flow and the smaller calls to action build up to the main CTA.

Peep my four essential steps before starting an email sequence

After I research + write, your only job is to request revisions

Estimated time: 15 minutes

Then we'll hop on a kick-off video call to discuss details

Estimated time: 30 minutes

Your first + biggest task is completing my creative brief 

Estimated time: 30 minutes

With about 75 minutes of effort on your part, your new + improved email sequence will be ready to lauch in one month

Are you ready to sit back?

What you get...
- Clarity around your offers + objectives
- Market research insights
- Voice positioning document
- Fully custom email sequence documents
- Two rounds of revisions until perfection is achieved
- Total confidence in your new emails

Oh, and let's not forget the bonuses...
Bonus #1: My guide to launching your email list
Bonus #2: Ongoing support reserved for past clients

The details

I've created automated sequences for...

+ Nutritionists
+ Wellness brands
+ life coaches

+ Graphic Designers
+ Baby clothing brands
+ fashion bloggers
+ more

My Signature Email Sequence starts at $800. This includes:
+ A deep dive exploration of your business, objectives and market
+ A 30-minute strategy session
+ Research with your client base
+ Voice development storyboard
+ A 3-part email nurture sequence tailored to your business
+ Option to add future one-off emails (only for past clients)

Dreaming bigger? Reach out for a quote for a longer sequence.

What do you say:
Ready to get started?

Let's get the ball rolling

As a business owner, I know how anxiety-provoking it can be to put your trust in someone else—let alone your money. Copywriting especially is a very personal thing, so I understand why you may have guarded it and (reluctantly) done it yourself up until now. I know this because my #1 most-asked question is, "How are you supposed to write like me?" The thing is: I'm not. I'm supposed to write like someone who has a decade+ of experience, a fresh set of eyes and, yes, the ability to help your voice come through my words. If this is still an intimidating prospect to you, I encourage you to schedule a no-commitment call. 

I'm ready to chat
when you are!

Can we get real for a second?

Emily here...

Per my contract, you are entitled to three rounds of revisions. However, I don't think it's ever come to that. Most clients ask for one or two rounds of revisions per email.

How many revisions do I get to weigh in on?

A payment plan is my standard procedure: You will pay 10% upfront to reserve your spot on my schedule, 40% to kick off the project and the remaining 50% upon conclusion. You can make payments online. (The online tool has never been a problem for anyone, but glad to work out an alternative if that's a concern.) 

Do you offer a payment plan? How do you accept payment?

"I would never," she says in a voice mocking offense. But seriously, no hidden charges around here. I say the investment "starts at" a certain amount because it may vary if you want additional emails or longer copy than my suggested 200-300 words. We'll discuss all of this upfront (including why I suggest that length). 

What do you mean by an investment 'starting at' a certain amount? are there hidden charges?

Yes—after we've worked together on a package. The reason I require a package first is simple: As explained above, so much of my work is done during the research phase. Although I can make a solo email sound good, it wouldn't be up to my standards if it's not also guided by real intel.

Can you write a single email for me to send?

Sorry, but no. There are SO MANY email marketing tools out there and I'm certainly not an expert in them all. (If you're curious, my preferred services are ConvertKit or Flodesk.) My role is delivering amazing email copy via a Google Doc or file. 

Will you add the copy to my email marketing tool or format the emails themselves?

Yay! I love the enthusiasm. First of all, you'll want to book a call with me ASAP. When you're ready to move ahead, 10% down is necessary to lock your spot on my schedule. I'm currently booking one month in advance. From there, the Signature Email Sequence takes 4-6 weeks—depending on your responsiveness and requested revisions. 

I'm ready to go! How soon will my email copy be ready to start sending?

I get it: I ask lots of questions, too

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