Have you ever been asked to share a fun fact about yourself and you totally freeze? You’re a fun person. There are facts about you. Yet you go totally blank when put on the spot.

Doing your own copywriting can be a lot like that: When you stand too close to the subject matter, sometimes you lose sight of what matters.

I want you to leave the words to me. 

As a copywriter, it’s my job to tell your story—and turn your business into a brand. I can do that via website copy, a blog (finally!), another set of eyes for proofreading or a deluxe email sequence strategy.

Hey, I'm Emily...

We're a match if you...

+ Are passionate about your business, but know you can’t do it all
+ Want to connect with customers in a more meaningful way
+ Value doing a job the right way, not just the easy way
+ Appreciate that small talk can reveal some real gems

Book a discovery call 

Not to brag, but I can help you...

put some purpose in that prose

Share your url with pride

slide into those inboxes

Dust off that old blog

Get another set of eyes

Conversion copywriting is about serving people, not being slimy

Don't let copywriting hold you back from the website of your dreams

Email marketing has bananas ROI—but only if you use it

Blogging can increase eyes on your website by more than 10x

Never fear another hidden typo

Let's get down to business

With Emily, I know I have the perfect person who can handle written projects for me so I can focus on other aspects of my business without always needing to do it all.

Elena Ringeisen,
Modern Market

I was very happy with the way Emily combined my vision with her expertise to create a great final product. Working with her was easily the best money I spent while building my website.

Kristin Bowers,
Therapy Marketing Kit

I couldn't be more happy with my decision working with Emily! She made the entire process seamless and did a great job capturing the essence of our company's brand.

Katie Moise,
ATL Pelvic Health

We absolutely loved working with Emily. It's not often you find someone so intuitive who just... gets it. She over delivered with both quality of work and time frame.

Conan Dickie,
Margaux & May

Ready to chat specifics?

Running a successful business means doing all the things. Yes, you can hit your groove—until you remember that “sign up for my newsletter” button at the bottom of your website.

You know good copy and fresh content makes a difference, but you also know there are better uses of your time than sorting it all out. 

You can do anything, but not

at your service

Here’s my question for you: What would you gain from freeing up your time and energy? 

Let's cross some things off your to-do list...

+ Website copy for home, about and miscellaneous pages
+ Email sequences designed to convert
+ Blog posts with SEO insights
+ Landing page for sales funnel
+ Business or product name name development
+ Website audits for messaging alignment

P.S. Do the words "email sequences" make you break out in hives?

Find a paper bag and take deep breaths! Steal my 4-step process to outlining a winning welcome sequence — or learn how to hand the busy work off to me. 

Yes, Please!

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