The fact is, actually writing copy is only a fraction of the work I do with entrepreneurs and business owners. The true bulk of my role is helping people bring their messaging into alignment through brand-refining practices, market research and thought iterations. 

As a result, when I do sit down at the keyboard to get typing, I am crystal clear about my clients' objectives—so my words can help those goals become reality. 

I know from personal experience that when you're launching a business, the to-do list is long and demanding: You need a website! And an email list! Oh, and don't forget about a splashy launch on social media!

But, here's the thing: Great messaging is the thread that ties your whole business together.

My dad was a television anchor when I was growing up, and I loved few things more than hanging around his office with reporters. Even if their stories were only going to make the air for 30 seconds at 11 p.m., I saw how much time and effort went into the information-gathering phase. 

Those experiences inspired me to study journalism at the University of Kansas, where I honed in on writing—and got married before my senior year. 

I suppose my upbringing in a newsroom has something to do with that...

Since my husband had two years left before graduating from his program, my job prospects felt limited to little Lawerence, Kansas—or so I thought. I began working online and realized there was actually a world of potential. 

From my living room, I began working with publications that I once thought required residency in NYC or LA—including an amazing stint as a founding team member with the parenting website Motherly. I now help clients ranging from international brands to soloprenuers as they get clear on brand messaging and confidently cross any writing tasks off that to-do list.

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When you work with me, you are working with someone who will pour a decade+ of experience 100% into your business—and your goals. Let me put it this way: Imagine if you...

With my unique, research-based approach to developing winning words, I have a knack for helping business owners achieve that "aha!" moment when messaging clicks + copy converts could-be customers into loyal followers. 

What does this all mean for you?

the big question:

+ Didn't have to stare at a blank screen in frustration
+ Could focus your time and energy on the elements of business that bring you joy
+ Felt like your copy was clear, your voice was consistent and your customers got genuine value from your content
+ Could finally capitalize on email sequences and blog posts instead moving them farther down the priority list

Let's get personal

I say I'm from the Midwest

Because that's the easiest way to describe growing up in Michigan, Ohio, Nebraska and Kansas. I now live in Colorado, so please don't think I'm lazy for starting calls at 11 a.m. EST. (That's just 9 a.m. here!)

I had 3 babies in 3.5 years

So you better believe this mama is livin' on coffee. Ask me about dinosaur trivia, Daniel Tiger plots and how to effectively bribe kids on hikes.

Running is my self-care

If I'm not at home, there is a good chance you can find me on a trail near my house. I've logged one ultra-marathon, one marathon and countless half-marathons—with more to come!

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